Photographs during my Ph. D. degree (2006-2009) at Division of Agronomy, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi 

Pusa Basmati - 1 

HD - 2643 (Ganga) 

Puddling the land for rice cultivation  

 Sesbania aculeata for green manuring

Sesbania aculeata grown in-situ

Leucaena leucocephala (White popinac) for green leaf manuring 

Rice crop in the field 

Wheat crop in the field 

Myself in Ph. D. research field
My friend (Dr. M. Reza, from Iran)



Work done in the Network Project on "Harvesting, processing and value addition of natural resins and gums" at Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI), Jodhpur (March,2010 to till date) 

Gum garden (Acacia senegal) at Jhakhara, Barmer (Rajasthan) 

Gum garden (Acacia senegal) at Binjarad, Barmer (Rajasthan)

Drilling a Acacia senegal tree for injecting the gum inducer 

Drilling complete within 10 seconnds by machine 

Injecting gum inducer of CAZRI into a senegal tree 

 Gum exudes from the tree 15 days after injection

 Collection of gum by farmers produced by using the gum inducing chemical of CAZRI 

Farmer Shri Rekha Ram of village Jakhara (Right) and Shri Mota Ram of village Binjarad (Left) told their success story of gum inducing chemical develped by CAZRI (Jodhpur)  

 Purification of gum [after collection of gum it is graded (right photo) and then purified (left photo)]



Some other photoes   

Photoes of 'Agriculture Fair 2009' at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 

Every year in the month of febuary, a agriculture fair is held by Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi whereby the recent and important activities of various agricultural institutes, universities and companies are demonstrated. Here is a glance of the fair in 2009.  

Myself in the fair 

Integrated Agromet Advisory Service, Delhi unit 

Stall of Division of Agronomy, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi  

Hybrid pearl millet 

Me with Dr. M.R. Davari from Iran (Rt.) & Dr. R.S.Bana 

Seeding training 

Vermicompost making method 


Photoes of 'Navsari Tour 2009' at Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari, Gujarat

We went there to participate in the National Symposium on "New Paradigms in Agronomic Research"  

Journey started from NAU to field and site seeing 

In the bus 

Visited field 

Visited Gandhi Smarak 'Dandi March' 

Visited Sea coast Dadra and Nagar Haveli 

With Dr. Y. S. Shivay, PS (Agronomy), IARI, New Delhi 

With Dr. I. P. S. Ahlawat, Ex-Head (Agronomy), IARI, New Delhi 

With Dr. A. R. Sharma, PS(Agronomy), IARI, New Delhi 

Enjoyed boating 

Took dinner 

Got back to Room No. 314, Shishir Hostel, IARI, New Delhi 

Received Ph. D. Degree on 13th Febuary, 2010 in 48th Convocation of IARI from Her Excellency the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil 


 Beauty of the Nature

Mustard fields Mt. Abu 

Wheat fields Mt. Abu 

Thank you 

© Indian Agricultural Services (IAS) 2010



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