Appointed as Assistant Professor of Agronomy at Agricultural Research Station, Mandor, Agriculture University, Jodhpur in India, presently I am teaching courses on 'Principles and Practices of Soil Fertility & Nutrient Management' and 'Agrometeorology and Crop Weather Forecasting' to PG students. I taught following courses to UG students : (1) Introductory Agriculture and Principles of Agronomy (2) Introduction to Soil Science (3) Agricultural Meteorology (4) Field Crops-I (Kharif) (5) Farm Power and Machinery (6) Water Management  (7) Rainfed Farming (8) Farming Systems, Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming and (9) Applied Weed Management



1.       Soil Fertility and Its Management

2.       Principles of Crop Production

3.       Principles and Practices of Irrigation and Drainage

4.       Principles and Practices of Weed Management

5.       Resource Management in Cropping Systems

6.       Farming Systems

7.       Dryland Agronomy

8.       Experimental Techniques in Agronomy

9.       Crop Ecology and Agrometeorology

10.   Management of Problem Soils

11. Advances in Rice and Wheat Agronomy and

12. Modern Concepts in Agronomy


 Teaching is not merely adding knowledge but molding behavior....

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